Gallery: Panoramas (July 2018 Photo Quest)

Rick Barr - Flathead Lake Montana

The theme for our monthly photo quest in July was “Panoramas”. It’s vacation time so the turnout was a little bit lower than in previous photo quests, and we expected that – a wholehearted thanks to everyone who dedicated their time to contribute this month, nevertheless!

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Gallery: I See a Pattern Here! (June 2018 Photo Quest)

Ben Radhakrishnan - Surround-Patterns

Our June 2018 photo quest was “I See a Pattern Here!” and the submissions from our members did not disappoint. Thanks a lot everyone for taking part in the photo quest once more! Here is the gallery with all submitted photos:

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Gallery: May Photo Quest “Speed”

Duane Bazzel - Running Dog

Our photo quest in May was themed “Speed” and here is the gallery with photos that show how our members interpreted the theme in their photos.

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Gallery: April Photo Quest “Spring is in the air”

Trenton Badillo - Carlsbad Flower Fields

Our April photo quest theme was “Spring is in the air” and here is the gallery of submissions. Thanks to everyone who participated and went out to make a fresh new photo for the quest, we hope you had fun! 🙂

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Gallery: Photos from the Zoo meetup

Rick Barr - Macaques

Some photos that our members made during our visit to the San Diego Zoo (our April 2018 activity).

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Gallery: March Photo Quest “Tide Pools”

Randy Siegel - Ocean Beach tide pool

Our photo quest for March was “Tide Pools” and as usual, here’s the gallery with the photos that participants submitted, without any ranking, just for fun – take a look!

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Gallery: Motor Transport Museum, March 2018

On March 17th 2018 our club met at the Motor Transport Museum in Campo – the weather was not very cooperative that day, but five of us braved the elements and had photographic fun with the old decaying vehicles in the yard, and in the shop were they are restored.

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Gallery: Perspective (February 2018 Photo Quest)

Erica Miller - Death-to-Life

Our February 2018 photo quest theme was “Perspective” and here is the gallery of submissions from our members. Our monthly photo quest is an online activity for members only – join the club if you want to take part!

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Gallery: I See Red (January 2018 Photo Quest)

Duane Bazzel - Red Still Life

Our first ever monthly photo quest “I See Red” ended on January 31st and we’ve been more than pleasantly surprised by the level of participation from our members – thanks for your submissions folks, that was an awesome start! Many of the names are our “regulars” that also participate in our MemberShare and Contests, so … Read more…

2017 Contest: Winners Galleries

1st place, Night & Astro category: Shuwen Lisa Wu

We have completed compiling galleries of all the winning images from the club’s 2017 photo contest and you can easily access all of the galleries from this index page:

2017 Photo Contest Winners

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