Photo Quest August 2019: LINES

Lines in a close-up: Leaf Detail

The theme for our August 2019 photo quest is “Lines” – straight lines, curved lines, jagged lines, criss-cross lines, zig-zag lines, leading lines. Lines, lines, lines.

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Gallery: Summertime Blues (Photo Quest July 2019)

Barbara Whitman - Bally Wild Blue

The July 2019 theme for our monthly photo quest was “Summertime Blues” and here’s the gallery with submissions and how our members interpreted the theme. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Photo Quest July 2019: Summertime Blues

Twilight at Windansea Beach, La Jolla, California

Summer is here, temperatures are on the rise, flowers are fading or already gone. The marine layer retreats early and reveals featureless blue skies. The only sliver of hope to keep the creative juices flowing? Another monthly photo quest! This month’s theme:

Summertime Blues

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Gallery: Silhouettes (Photo Quest June 2019)

Ben Radhakrishnan - Behind the Screen Acting

The theme of our monthly photo quest for June 2019 was “Silhouettes” and here is the gallery with photos that our members submitted to the quest.

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June 2019 Photo Quest: Silhouettes

1st place, Landscape category: Alexander S. Kunz

Since photography itself is a flat rendition, the silhouette, defined as “a two-dimensional representation of the outline of an object, filled in with black (or another color)”, is perhaps one of the creative expressions that comes most easily to photography, and – who would have guessed it – the theme for our monthly photo quest in June 2019 is: Silhouettes.

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Gallery: It’s all a blur (Photo Quest May 2019)

Sally Bucko - Skyline Zoom

The theme of our monthly photo quest for May 2019 was “It’s all a blur” and here is the gallery with photos that our members submitted to the quest.

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May 2019 Photo Quest: It’s All A Blur

Lilypond Blur, Balboa Park, April 2012.

May has begun and it’s time for another photo quest! After April’s theme “Obstacles” it’s getting even more obscure, because…

It’s All A Blur!

…is the theme for May 2019!

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Gallery: Obstacles (Photo Quest April 2019)

The theme for our April 2019 Photo Quest was “Obstacles” and in the gallery below you can see how our participating members have interpreted the theme photographically.

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Photo Quest April 2019: Obstacles

"Natural Obstacle" - a dense growth of bamboo makes passing through impossible. Photo (C) Alexander S. Kunz

For our April 2019 photo quest, we picked a broad topic that should give everyone plenty of ways to interpret it – the caveat being that you can submit only ONE photo as your submission to our photo quest – and the other that you’re photo must be made in April 2019, of course. The theme is:


Think about all the things that can be an obstacle, and in which way. If you have an idea, think about how you can best convey this idea in a photo. We’re looking forward to everyone’s interpretation and creative expression!

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Gallery: Freshwater (Photo Quest March 2019)

Dean Angelico - Moon over Lake Elsinore

The theme for our monthly photo quest in March 2019 was “Freshwater” and our member’s submissions are in the gallery below. Thanks everyone for taking part! We hope you had fun and enjoyed making photos for the quest.

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