At every San Diego Photo Club Meeting, our Club has MemberShare after our speaker’s presentation. This is where anybody can share up to 8 images with the rest of the audience. All you need to do is to email or Dropbox the images to our President (  Please discontinue handing in USB flash drives before or during the meeting, as they take a long time to update while the meeting is in progress.

Please read and be sure to follow these directions carefully so your images are named and sized correctly. Thank you!

Please do not show more than 8 images.  Our MemberShare can include up to 150 – 200 images, and we want everybody to be able to participate without it taking too long.

Our new projector shows images in a 16:9 version of WUXGA (1920 x 1080 pixels).  You no longer need to resize your images if you send via Dropbox.  Do not worry about color space (sRGB or Adobe RGB) or DPI.  Smaller images will need to be zoomed in, and your images will appear blurry to the audience.

Please have your name or initials at the beginning of the file-name so that all of your images stay together.

eg: Sam_01.jpg, Sam_02.jpg, Sam_03.jpg etc.  Images out of order may not be shown that evening if there is no time to present.

Be ready to speak 10 – 20 seconds about each image as they are presented to the audience.  People in the audience may have questions about how you took the image, or they may have good feedback for you to take home.

Showing your images to the group is a wonderful experience and we highly encourage you to participate.

Information regarding preparation of images using Apple Photos can be found here.