At every San Diego Photo Club Meeting, our Club has Member Share after our speaker’s presentation. This is where Club members can share up to 5 images with the rest of the audience. If you are a visitor, please feel free to enjoy the images. You can sign up for the Club so your images are included in the next month’s Member Share.

How To Transmit

All you need to do is to Dropbox the images. For information regarding use of Dropbox, please see their support page. Once you have uploaded your images, share that dropbox to  Please do not bring images on USB flash drives.

Here’s a step-by-step for Dropbox.

  • Once you have your account, upload your Member Share images to a folder there. For example “April 2017 Member Share”.
  • On your main Dropbox page, you will see a list of folders, find that April Member Share folder. It should look like this:

  • Click on the “Share” button and a popup appears that looks like this:

  • Type in as the “To” address, change the button on the right to “Can view”, and type any message you have. Please put your name in your comment.
  • Press the “Share” button.

If you remain uncomfortable with Dropbox, you may email the images to, but please include no more than two images per email or they may exceed the email server’s limit.

How to Prepare

Please read and be sure to follow these directions carefully so your images are named and sized correctly. Thank you!

Please do not send more than 5 images.  We often have enthusiastic participation and we want everybody to be able to participate in the time we have allocated.

Our projector shows images in a 16:9 version of WUXGA (1920 x 1080 pixels).  You don’t need to downsize larger images if you send via Dropbox.  Don’t worry about color space (sRGB or Adobe RGB) or DPI.

Please have your last name or initials at the beginning of the file-name so that all of your images stay together. It is important that your last name be in the filenames.

eg: smith_jim_01.jpg, smith_jim_02.jpg, smith_jim_03.jpg etc.  Please number your images in the order you want then shown.

You will have approximately 10 – 20 seconds to speak about each image as they are presented to the audience.

Showing your images to the group is a wonderful experience and we highly encourage you to participate.

Information regarding preparation of images using Apple Photos can be found here.