Dog running on trail, photo by and (C) Shuwen Lisa Wu

May 2018 Photo Quest: Speed!

It’s time for another monthly photo quest and this month’s theme is SPEED. Does it make your creative juices flow already? 🙂 Think of all the ways you can express speed in a photograph – you could go for a “speedy” subject of course, but you can also employ camera techniques like panning with a slow shutter speed, maybe combined with rear-curtain flash, or even a long exposure.

Theme thoughts: keep in mind that speed does not necessarily mean motion. You can show slow speeds, or fast speeds! Speed doesn’t mean blur either – you could freeze motion in time with a very short shutter speed, but your photo should convey the feeling of speed. Make “speed” an element of your photo.

Example: a hummingbird’s wings – you could use a very fast shutter speed to freeze the motion, or a slower shutter speed to blur it. Either way, someone who looks at the photo will recognize the element of “speed” in the photo (well, assuming they know hummingbirds). You get the idea!

Whatever you’re going to do, we’re looking forward to your submissions. Really brief summary with the rules, as usual:

  • No digging in your photo archive. Make a new photo for the photo quest! We want you to get out and be creative!
  • One photo per member only, please – take your time and send your best picture!
  • Deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2018.
  • This is a members-only activity.
  • Current members: look out for the email with the Dropbox file request link!
Dog running on trail, photo by and (C) Shuwen Lisa Wu
Dog running on trail, photo by and (C) Shuwen Lisa Wu


The Photo Section of the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter began in 1984 and has grown to be among the largest photo clubs in San Diego County. Our members are artists, travelers, humanitarians, and conservationists. We support most genres of photography and welcome new members to our group.

Photo Section meetings are held once a month between January and November, with additional club activities throughout the year.  For more information, please visit our club calendar page.

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