1st place, Iconic San Diego category: Alexander S. Kunz

Monthly Photo Quest

Beginning in 2018, we will run a new online activity for our members:

The Monthly Photo Quest!

You can think of it as a photographic scavenger hunt – we will define a certain topic or theme and anyone who wants to participate is invited to interpret that topic or theme photographically. The only limit is your imagination!

At the beginning of each month, current San Diego Photo Club members will receive an email with the month’s theme or topic, and a Dropbox file request link. Participants in the quest should make new photos for each quest (no digging in the archives!) and submit them by the end of the month (the email will contain the exact deadline for each month, but it will usually be the last day of the month).

We will post a gallery of all submitted entries here on the club website so that every participant can see how others interpreted the theme, to be entertained, draw inspiration for future quests, and learn from each other – and of course to build a continuous showcase for the beautiful and creative photographs that our members produce!

This is an online activity that is separate from our monthly MemberShare at the meetings – but you’re of course invited to share the photos that you made for the monthly photo quest during MemberShare as well. 🙂

Stay tuned and watch your inbox for the announcement!



The Photo Section of the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter began in 1984 and has grown to be among the largest photo clubs in San Diego County. Our members are artists, travelers, humanitarians, and conservationists. We support most genres of photography and welcome new members to our group.

Photo Section meetings are held once a month between January and November, with additional club activities throughout the year.  For more information, please visit our club calendar page.

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