San Diego Zoo Photography Workshops

At the April, 2017 meeting, Ted Walton and Jerry Roberts gave a great presentation about San Diego Zoo photography. Many of you may be interested in signing up for one of their workshops. Here is the schedule and pricing.  Photography workshops at the San Diego Zoo: Cost $144.00 for 2 sessions for members $153.00 … Read more…

April 20 Photo Club Meeting – SD Zoo Photography – Jerry Roberts & Ted Walton

Main Presentation – 7 PM This month we have not one, but two great photographers to talk about photography at the San Diego Zoo. Both have amazing work and are sure to inspire you not just at the Zoo and Safari Park, but everywhere you take your camera. Jerry Roberts is a San Diego based … Read more…

March 16: Wildlife Imagery With Kathleen Reeder

March 16:  Wildlife Imagery With Kathleen Reeder

Main Presentation – 7 PM

Kathleen’s career began as a project manager and corporate trainer, but she found her true calling and inspiration photographing wildlife.  She now is dedicated to documenting her passion for wildlife and sharing her knowledge, techniques, and strategies with other photographers.

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July 21 San Diego Photo Club Meeting – Improve Your Skills

Join us July 21 as we help our members improve their photography skills.  This meeting will feature 4 mini-presentations on topics selected by our members:

  • Hummingbird and Dragonfly photography (presented by Steve Cirone and Tom Applegate).  This is the season to photograph hummingbirds and dragonflies.  Steve and Tom will discuss the best strategies to get great results, and preview our August 20 outing at Santee Lakes to photograph dragonflies.
  • Local Lightroom Adjustments (presented by Alexander S. Kunz).  Everybody knows how to move sliders in Photoshop and Lightroom’s Adobe Camera Raw, but those are global adjustments.  They affect the entire image.  Alex will show you how it pays off to know how to make small local adjustments to make your images great.
  • Backup your photo data! (presented by Steve Ross).  Your images are your life.  Losing those images would be terrible.  Steve will talk about strategies to back up your images while keeping copies at home and away from your home.  Be ready!
  • Don’t just make images, make projects (presented by T.M. Schultze).  Individual images can be great, but what gives those images a true perspective are when they belong to a project.  Projects give your portfolio focus, a statement, and something for your public to understand.  There are an immense number of local photo projects you can make your own.

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November 19 San Diego Photo Club Meeting: Jonathan Fennell

November 19th, 7:00 PM – Wesley Palms (2404 Loring Street, San Diego, CA 92109) Past President Jonathan Fennell will be presenting and featuring his sports photography images and demonstrating his lighting techniques and use of natural light. Jonathan has been involved in action sports photography and is an avid participant in those sports himself. While … Read more…

September 19 Avian and Macro Photography Workshop at MOPA

September 19 Avian and Macro Photography Workshop at MOPA Join us September 19 as world-renowned avian and macro photographer Steve Cirone teaches a workshop at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) at Balboa Park.  The workshop costs $ 49.00 for members of San Diego Photo Club or MOPA. Non-members can attend at a cost of $ 75.00. Limit … Read more…